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WILD Team Challenge ’10

Colorful. Energetic. Passionate. Beautiful… LOUD. 


On August 25 our WILD Women enjoyed one of the most engaging Welcome Back Team Challenges WILD has seen to date. There was a raging sea of green, yellow, and orange t-shirts with a dash of pink all throughout the Italian Gardens participating in various team building exercises.  

A few of the positive things these young women took away from that fateful day are:  

1) I’ve learned that I can trust others more.  

2) We’re all leaders but we can each step back and let someone else take the lead sometimes.  

3) I’m going to try to come out of my shell more.  

4) I have great ideas that I’m not so afraid to share anymore.  

5) This year is a new beginning for me.  

6) I don’t have to be like anyone else. I am learning to be myself no matter what.  

7) I didn’t think I had leadership skills in me but now I see that I do.  

There was a clear sense of comradery and sisterhood as these young women went from activity to activity. The common thread which draws them closer and promises to keep them tightly knit together throughout the year is that they realize they can depend on one another through this journey of self-discovery.
Here are a few photographs of the days events:

Samantha Arias and Nora McCarthy (WILD VI)

Azaria Valentin (WILD VII), Kristee Lauro (WILD VI), Nicole Cavuoto (WILD VII) in deep discussion.

Kristee Lauro (WILD VI), Graduate Assistant, Ashley Hobbs, Caitlin Kozla (WILD VII), and Nicole Cavuoto (WILD VII).

Danielle Mizerek (WILD V) blindfoled, being guided through a small obstacle course.

Fiona Young (WILD VII), Dean Karen Goff, and Mariah Iapicco (WILD VII) participating in the 'Trust Fall' exercise.


Rose Clarke-Taylor (WILD VII) finishing the 'Car and Driver' team challenge with Rosina Desir (WILD VII) as Dean Karen Goff and Patricia Jackuewicz look on.Dean Karen Goff observes as WILD Women process after a particular challenge.

All photographs from the day’s events are available at: