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Fall 2010 In Review

Welcome Back

We kicked off the new year right with fun outdoors icebreakers and group activities. Many thanks to the Adventure Network!

Habitat For Humanity WOMEN BUILD

A group of WILD women went up to the Bridgewater, NJ to work on their Women Build site. 30 women only on the worksite. We helped place aluminum siding, build a shed, caulk windows, etc.

Ambassador Susan Burk

U.S. Special Representative Susan Burk engaged WILD members in her rise from average college student to successful public servant and political leader.

Linda Orlando

Board of Trustees member Linda Orlando engaged WILD members in her rise from average college student to successful corporate leader. She also emphasized the importance of social media and reached out to students as a mentor.

Lynn Richardson

WILD members learned basic money management with money mogul, Lynn Richardson. Everything from learning how to save to living within one’s means, to managing credit card debt was covered.

Letters To My Younger Self w/Ellyn Spragins

Award-winning author, Ellyn Spragins, came to Georgian Court to lead our WILD women in this acclaimed reflective exercise from her series “Letters To My Younger Self.” This exercise benefits participants in allowing them to tell themselves something at a younger age that they’ve learned, to give encouragement to their younger self, to bring closure to past hurts, etc. WILD members enjoyed it immensely.

WILD VIII Welcome Dinner

We officially welcomed the newest members of the Women In Leadership Development program with dinner and an individual introductions as well as an introduction to the WILD Steering Committee.


By far, one of the most engaging and touching WILD retreats since WILD began in 2003. I was amazed at how quickly our newest members jumped right into icebreakers and getting to know one another. Our WILD mentors did an excellent job in leading icebreakers and guiding their mentees throughout the process and the rest of the year.

Critical Concerns Week Student Panel

Students tackled the issue of racism and participated in panel discussions to open a dialogue about race relations.

Healthy Relationships Seminar w/Ellen Gootblatt

Mrs. Gootblatt won over WILD as soon as she set foot on GCUs campus. Her personality and “straight-no-chaser” talk about how to build and maintain healthy relationships was a winner during the Fall semester.

In Her Shoes

“In Her Shoes” is an interactive scenario-based training designed to help participants learn what dating is like for today’s teens from their perspective. Catholic Charities’ representatives came to lead WILD in this activity.

With 2010 under our belts, we’ve got our sights set on 2011 and we are charging full-speed ahead!