Letters to My Younger Self

On February 24, Ellyn Spragins came to talk about her book, If I’d Known Then. I could probably fill a book by myself with things I wish I knew years ago that I know now. I really loved that she had us write our own letters. As we shared our letters around our tables, I found myself crying during a few readings. Listening to these private moments of difficulty of my WILD sisters was really special, and I felt like I grew a little closer to them. They allowed me to have a peek inside of their personal lives, and I returned the favor. Writing this letter was very helpful in gaining some closure. I had a tough choice I had to make a couple years ago, and ever since I’ve been doubting whether or not I made the right choice. The letter helped me see that I made the best choice for me and that was all that mattered. Ellyn was a phenomenal speaker who gave the WILD women a chance to discover their inner strength.

Written By: Caitlin Roman, WILD IX

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