Daily Archives: March 27, 2012

Fireside Chat with President Sister Rosemary Jeffries

The Fireside Chat was exactly what I had hoped it would be. Me, never having been in the old chapel, found it very exciting to be “exploring” a new part of campus. The evening started with meeting Sister Jeffries personally and being able to talk semi-privately with her. When her presentation began, she immediately took the attention of the room with her wise advice and interesting life stories. Sister Jeffries was pleasant and friendly and incredibly well spoken. After hearing some stories about her younger self, she opened the floor to questions, which were asked by both older and younger students alike. Sister Jeffries answered each one with wit and charm as well as insightful advice to take with us “for the road”. Our event with President Jeffries was one that would inspire many of the WILD women to pursue their future goals and dreams.


Written by: Lindsay Taft, WILD IX

Fireside Chat with President Jeffries

On Thursday, March 15, WILD IX had a fireside chat with Sister Rosemary Jeffries. I’ll admit, the thought of approaching the president of the university was a little nerve-wracking. I had this image of a stern matriarch with a no-nonsense attitude, but I was pleased to be proved wrong. Sister Rosemary is a strong woman, who took the time out of her busy schedule to meet with us and talk about what being a leader truly means. Sister Rosemary wove tales of her life into her speech, and I was amazed with everything she has accomplished so far in life. She gave us great advice, such as taking 5 minutes every day to just sit and think or pray or do something for ourselves. One of the most important things she told us was that a good leader is one who can ask others for help. That has always been hard for me to do because I would rather do something myself to know that it is getting done. I need to overcome that flaw if I want to be a really good leader. I truly enjoyed this experience and I am so grateful that Sister Rosemary could take the time to shed a new light on the WILD women.


Written by: Caitlin Roman, WILD IX

Letters To My Younger Self

Our morning with Ellyn Spragins was an interesting one. Ellyn had a motivating story that she shared with us to get our morning rolling and then turned it over to us. We were instructed to reflect back to a part of our lives that we could write a letter to. This was the hardest part for me. I wasn’t too keen on reflecting on hard times of the past so I changed the assignment slightly. I wrote my letter to the people in my life currently, shedding some light on why I am the way I am. Writing my letter was a catharsis for me so I suppose my change in assignment was relevant to my progress in college. Hearing some of the other girls’ stories was difficult. It’s always hard to learn something unsettling about girls that you are beginning to get to know. My compassion for my peers grew that day and I learned something meaningful from the morning with Ellyn.

Written by: Lindsay Taft, WILD IX

Navigating The Lipstick Jungle

This was definitely one of MY favorite WILD events. Jane, our presenter, was wonderful. She set the professional yet friendly mood of the night by walking around and introducing herself. By the time she got to my table, she had said her name about sixty times already but still seemed like it was the first time. She had the greatest stories about her education and her professional life that she continuously captured you in the conversation. Her presentation was fantastic. The little tips about professionalism and the importance of women in the workplace were very interesting. Jane’s experiences made her little tips more impactful on her audience. The woman dressed in pink really knew how to capture a room! As long as I am in WILD, I hope to see her presentation every year!

Written By: Lindsay Taft, WILD IX