Letters To My Younger Self

Our morning with Ellyn Spragins was an interesting one. Ellyn had a motivating story that she shared with us to get our morning rolling and then turned it over to us. We were instructed to reflect back to a part of our lives that we could write a letter to. This was the hardest part for me. I wasn’t too keen on reflecting on hard times of the past so I changed the assignment slightly. I wrote my letter to the people in my life currently, shedding some light on why I am the way I am. Writing my letter was a catharsis for me so I suppose my change in assignment was relevant to my progress in college. Hearing some of the other girls’ stories was difficult. It’s always hard to learn something unsettling about girls that you are beginning to get to know. My compassion for my peers grew that day and I learned something meaningful from the morning with Ellyn.

Written by: Lindsay Taft, WILD IX

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