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AAUW Elect Her

I never really had an interest in running for any type of office position, be it student government or a position in my community. To be quite honest, I don’t particularly like politics. After attending the Elect Her presentation on March 30, I found myself reconsidering possibly running for a position in the future. I was absolutely shocked when I heard the statistics representing women in political positions. The number couldn’t be that low, I thought. Women have so much to offer, but we are reluctant to run for office. Just today, we brought up some very interesting problems that we feel strongly about, like the extra food from the dining hall. Instead of throwing it out, we are trying to figure out a way to give the food away to those who need it. I believe the WILD women of GCU can help round out those statistics and make it possible for more women to feel confident enough to run for office. Even if I do decide that politics really aren’t for me and I don’t want to run for office, I will fully support any of my WILD sisters that choose to follow that path.


Written by: Caitlin Roman, WILD IX

AAUW Panel

One voice can make a difference. That’s the message I took from the AAUW Panel on Tuesday, March 20. Lisa and Kate told WILD about their organization and the work they do on Capitol Hill. I was amazed that these two women have accomplished so much and are striving to do even more for women everywhere. They told us that women tend to go through a whole checklist of accomplishments before they even think about running for any type of political of position. We shouldn’t think so much about running for office of any kind; we should just jump in and see what happens. Also, women shouldn’t be afraid to negotiate pay. We need to be confident and make sure we are paid what we deserve to be paid. The more I listened to these women talk, and the more I learned about this organization, the prouder I became to be a woman. We have so much power, we just have to learn how to wield it sooner rather than later.


Written By: Caitlin Roman, WILD IX