The President’s Address

 On Tuesday, September 18th at 2 p.m. Georgian Court University began to fill with students, faculty, and staff. Nonetheless, it’s a tradition every year that the President of the University organizes a campus wide conversation for campus feedback. Each year, the topic varies as to what can be done to become an even greater university. There was a slight difference this year…Now what would that be? Georgian Court is preparing to transition into a coeducational University for the fall of 2013.

President Jeffries started off the conversation in a joking matter “I once heard all the good Catholics sit in the back, so why don’t you all fill up the tables in the front?” Everyone began to laugh and the vibe in the room was very much relaxing and at ease. Her presentation started off with the mission statement, strategic initiative and goals, challenges and advantages. Elaborating on our four initiatives and goals, she had the attention of every person in the room. She was very clear on what the goals were for this year: Re-branding Georgian Court to reflect its Mission, Promote Transformative Education , Optimize Enrollment, and strengthen Leadership, planning, Technology, and Governance. As she finished her presentation, she wanted every person in the room to answer two questions; what role do you play in the execution of the goals and objectives of this plan and how we might continue to keep everyone informed and engaged. It’s important to keep up the momentum, but she valued that our input will continue to make the university strategic plan successful.

Anna Mead, (WILD IX) began the campus feedback by elaborating on how the university needs to send the message out to high schools on how leadership is on campus. As an older WILD member, I was truly impressed with how Anna was the first to speak and how many more WILD women began to speak in front of so many people in the Casino. WILD women such as Stefannie Nicholson, Olivia Rotunno, Alexis Domenech, Jazmine Brooks and many more voiced their different opinions and my heart began to smile. President Jeffries took what every person said and again welcomed our suggestions with open arms.

It was a great conversation overall. This may be the last year as an all women’s college but, the university is sure on the right track to become much greater than it already is.

Written By: Shinade Ramirez  WILD VII

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