Networking with GCU Alumni

“Don’t die with potential.” That’s the main message I took away from the networking session with GCU alumni on Wednesday, September 12th. There is so much out there if we only know where to look. Before the internet, students had to scour the classifieds in the paper in order to find a job. Now, there are handy search engines to help find jobs. Some websites even list skills needed for the job. The alumni also told us that some companies will pay some or all of your school tuition while you work for them because they consider your further education an asset to the company. Imagine going to school and earning a degree for next to nothing! This definitely makes me want to continue my education and possibly get a master’s degree. 

The alumni also talked to us about the co-ed issue. Men exist in the world; that’s no secret. Once we graduate from Georgian Court and start looking for jobs, we will be working with men. Having men on campus in classes with us will give us the opportunity to learn how to interact with this “strange species.” This can help us act more professionally in the future and impress potential bosses. The alumni were beyond helpful and I would like to thank these amazing ladies for taking the time to come talk with us.

Written By: Caitlin Roman WILD IX

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