In Her Shoes – Providence House

In Her Shoes has to be the most powerful presentation I have ever been to. Following the story of these characters really opened my eyes to the horrible ordeals some people live through. It’s one thing to hear that dating violence and abuse happen, but it’s another thing entirely to experience what someone actually went through. At this presentation, I played the role of the witness; I experienced everything that happened to my character, but I was powerless to do anything to help her. There were so many times I wanted to jump in and scream “No! Don’t do that! Think about it!” It was so frustrating to watch my character struggle and I could not do anything to help her. This presentation really woke me up to the struggles and hardships many teenagers face alone, and I want to do something to help out these teens so they do not feel alone. I would like to thank Providence House from the bottom of my heart for coming to GCU and sharing this experience with WILD.

Written By: Caitlin Roman WILD IX

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