“The Keys to a Balanced Life” – Michele Ashley

On Friday, October 5, Michele Ashley came to GCU to talk to us about the Keys to a Balanced Life. I had met Michele at NCCWSL over the summer and had heard this presentation before, but I learned so much more this time around. The most important thing Michele said is that you are the most important thing in your life. If you don’t take care of yourself and know who you are, you rely on someone else to get you going. What happens if someone else isn’t there? You need to take charge of yourself. One of the keys Michele talked about was releasing fears. “Fear,” she said “are just Fact and Expectations Appearing Real.” I found this really interesting. Don’t let facts and expectations hold you back from achieving everything you want to achieve. They are only illusions. One other thing Michele told us that was important is that you need to be flexible. “If you cannot be flexible like a reed, then you will break like an oak.” A reed is able to bear the storm and snap back once it passes. We need to be like a reed. On behalf of all of WILD, I would like to thank Michele for coming to GCU.

Written By: Caitlin Roman WILD IX

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