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Monthly Featured Speaker: Dr. Zanjani, Vice President for Institutional Advancement

On November 3, 2014, WILD women had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Zanjani, where all of those in attendance were able to listen to one very inspirational speaker reflect on her own life experiences and share them with WILD Women. Dr. Zanjani is currently the Vice President for Institutional Advancement and she discussed how she obtained her degrees, and reflected on her life to encourage us to work hard, study abroad and go places where we may not necessarily see ourselves going. Dr. Zanjani is responsible for meeting with donors who give to GCU to contribute any monetary amount for the success of GCU students. We all gathered in a large circle to discuss, reflect, and inquire about various aspects of being a student and sharing our plans for future goals. Many WILD sisters have mutual goals on wanting to obtain higher degrees, despite differences in majors, we all shared uncertainties such as whether we should stop school to pay off loans or to be like a gambler and go for the money while things are hot. Another commonality that united us was holding jobs to pay for school, living expenses while working, and inquiring how we manage those responsibilities and learned to prioritize. Along with prioritizing we were encouraged to plan our future short and long term goals. We were encouraged to write them down on paper to make them more attainable and real. Dr. Zanjani’s event was introspective as we spent some time to reflect on our life, question ourselves, and determine the steps we need to do to get there. Although it is easy to get caught up in our lives and short term goals, we can always be reminded of our peers and remember that we all share similar goals; similarly, those whom we look up to as role models have made their own path to success, as we are currently building our own to one day inspire younger generations. Proving that gifts come in many forms, not all of them involve money, some involve wisdom and most of the time all gifts are unexpected. On behalf of all my WILD sisters, I would like to thank Dr. Zanjani for a lovely event to help us all prioritize our lives to be able to do everything and for lending some words to give us advice to prove we are always lifelong learners.

Written By: Stephanie Nagy (WILD X)