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WILD Women give their time to Habitat For Humanity

At quitting time we took a group shot after a long yet rewarding day.

One Saturday per month Raritan Valley’s chapter of Habitat For Humanity hosts their well-known Women Build Day at their Bridgewater work site. Six WILD members – Mercedes Contreras, Rebeccah McGettigan, Asiah Dent, Christina Federowski, Jeannesis Rodriguez, and Christine Sinisi and myself rose early to make the trek from Lakewood to Bridgewater at 7:00 AM this past Saturday. What we encountered was an amazing group of women ranging in age from 16 to late 50s, all of whom shared a direct and heartfelt passion for helping others. We learned how to apply aluminum siding and roofing to a house. We learned how to correctly measure wooden planks to complete the building of a shed. We learned how to install bamboo flooring. We learned how to caulk window ledges. And those experiences were great. We joked that we won’t need contractors to make home improvements when we each have our own homes. But there was something more that we each took away from the experience. We sat and spoke to some of the women for whom the houses were being built, listening to the sincere delight in their voices. One woman remembered the exact date, time and place she was when she got the fateful call from Habitat three years ago, telling her that she had been selected for a new home. They were mostly young women with children who are working to make a better life and simply needed a willing and helping hand to do so.

In all of the technical/construction learning that took place, we took away something much deeper. It truly is better to give than to receive. As educated women leaders we will never reach a point in our lives where our help is not needed. It is our duty. No matter how large or small our contribution to humanity we are better women and the world is a better place for it. The seven hours of labor we put in on Saturday day may have left us a bit sore or with an accidentally hammered finger or two (Mercedes), but more importantly it left us with sense of Purpose higher than ourselves.

Mercedes Contreras and Christine Sinisi apply wooden planks to a shed with the guidance of a Habitat For Humanity work site leader.

“…It really was an experience that I will never forget. I had so much fun. Doing something like this to help those families is very rewarding and that at the end of the hard working day you feel good about yourself and the cause you are (helping). Thank you so much for having us there and I can’t wait to go back.”

– Mercedes Contreras – WILD VI

“What I liked most about Women’s Build Day with Habitat for Humanity was being able to work, hands-on with projects I’ve never accomplished before, like cutting, drilling and screwing spindles onto a porch. It was definitely a new experience but well worth it. I loved having the honor of working with the women who were going to be receiving these homes, as well as having the privilege of knowing their heartwarming stories. I learned how important and effective it is to work together for a common goal and how proud one can be of themselves for putting in hard work. The feeling of working on and putting together a house that one day a family will live in is indescribable. This experience allows you to reach out to people in support and physical activity that I cannot wait to take part in again.

– Rebeccah McGettigan – WILD VII

“(We) are God’s hands extended to humanity, His feet driven with a Purpose, His heart with an insatiable need to give, His eyes to see the world and all it holds as it is, His forethought to use (our) gifts to leave this world as it should be… a little bit better.”

– Ashley Hobbs

More photographs of our amazing day with Habitat can be viewed in the Photo Gallery and the WILD Facebook page, www.facebook.com/GCUWILD.

Celebrate Women’s History Month!

All over the United States in March we celebrate Women’s History Month. Here at Georgian Court, a primarily all women’s university, woman leaders and women’s history are very important. Looking back at all of the education I have had about women, and their goals though out history, had me thinking.

Who is the most influential woman in history? To me, the most influential woman would be Sandra Day O’Connor.

Ronald Reagan appointed Sandra Day O’Connor in 1981 to the Supreme Court, making her he first female member on the US Supreme Court.  O’Connor often became the deciding vote when making decisions. During her time on the Supreme Court, O’Connor made it clear that American society was to interpret the law, not to legislate! She usually was very conservative but she frequently surprised many of her followers with her political independence.

Sandra Day O’Connor was a quiet, but determined woman who became a role model for women everywhere. She is an advocate for education. I was watching “Good Morning America” one morning, and Sandra Day O’Connor was a guest. She had said something that had me thinking. O’Connor said, “More Americans can name a judge on “American Idol” than can name the three branches of government.” Her concern for education and civics had O’Connor devoted to serving her community, devoting her time to volunteering and lecturing.

I think Sandra Day O’Connor is a great role model, and is one of the most influential women, who fought for women and our rights. O’Connor was the first American woman on the Supreme Court, and set a political example for women in the future. Without O’Connor we would have never had such respect for women in politics. I believe that we would have never had a woman campaign for president in America, if it wasn’t for Sandra Day O’Connor to set the political example.

Women in Politics

– Julia A. Hollywood